Albanian Parliament and telco ‘One Albania’ suffer cyber attacks

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania and telecom company One Albania have recently fallen victim to cyber attacks, according…

5 months ago

21,000 U.S. driver licenses up for sale on hacker forum after data breach

Over 21,000 U.S. driver licenses are being sold on a hacker forum, along with thousands of credit reports.

3 years ago

Codecov hack aftermath: hundreds breached, many more to follow

Attackers who breached Codecov for over 2 months also reportedly hacked into hundreds of networks. The full extent of this…

3 years ago

Amey suffers cyber attack from ransomware

UK's prominent infrastructure management company Amey has been hit by Mount Locker ransomware group in what the company has called…

3 years ago

Kaggle fixes vulnerability that disclosed private leaderboard data via API

Kaggle, an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners had been exposing private competition data due to a…

3 years ago

Insecure QR codes on COVID-19 test results come with data exposure risks

Medical labs appointed by governments to test incoming international passengers for COVID-19 contain insecure QR code implementations that may lead…

3 years ago

Facebook fixes Instagram bug that leaked user’s private email address and birthday

Facebook has fixed an Instagram bug which leaked users' private email address and date of birth. The company awarded the…

3 years ago

American Bank Systems slapped with class-action lawsuit for not timely disclosing ransomware data breach

American Bank Systems (ABS) has been sued by a class of plaintiffs for their failure to protect customer data and…

3 years ago

Mitsubishi companies hit by cyber attack, ransomware

Mitsubishi Electric and sister companies such as Mitsubishi Polycrystalline have been hit by cyberattacks, including ransomware

3 years ago

UK delivery company Whistl suffered data breach

Delivery management company Whistl UK has suffered a data breach.

4 years ago

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