Carbanak Banking Malware Resurfaces with Updated Tactics in Ransomware Attacks

The banking malware Carbanak has resurfaced with updated tactics, incorporating attack vendors and techniques to diversify its effectiveness, according to…

5 months ago

Theme park giant Parques Reunidos hit by a ransomware cyber attack

One of the world's largest theme park operators, Parques Reunidos has disclosed a cybersecurity incident. Bian Lian ransomware group has…

1 year ago

Phishing kit screenshots your email domain on the fly to appear real

Phishing kit used by multiple hacked sites generates a log in page on the fly that closely resembles the victim's…

2 years ago

Royal Mail online tracking returns — with a frustrating captcha that works half the time

Mysterious week-long outage impacting the Royal Mail tracking website is subsiding, but with caveats. Meanwhile, mitigations employed by the mail…

2 years ago

New convincing phishing campaign targets and customers

New series of convincing phishing emails use's infrastructure to collect credentials.

2 years ago

Movie studios sue TorGuard after $10 million legal battle with LiquidVPN

Dozens of film studios are suing TorGuard VPN for allegedly encouraging online piracy.

3 years ago

NHS Moorfields Hospital in Dubai confirms cyber attack, after ransomware data leak threats

The ransomware group claims to have 60 GB of proprietary and patient data from the Dubai-based Moorfields Eye Hospitals.

3 years ago

21,000 U.S. driver licenses up for sale on hacker forum after data breach

Over 21,000 U.S. driver licenses are being sold on a hacker forum, along with thousands of credit reports.

3 years ago

Audacity’s new “Privacy Notice” has left many concerned

Free and open-source digital audio manipulation project Audacity has recently issued an updated privacy notice leaving many Audacity users concerned.…

3 years ago

Insurer Dominion National settles for $2 million in data breach lawsuit

Dominion National customers, providers and producers impacted by the major decade-old data breach can now claim their share from the…

3 years ago

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