Sea Turtle Cyber Espionage Campaign Targets Telecommunication and IT Companies in the Netherlands

5 months ago
Security Report News

Telecommunication, media, internet service providers (ISPs), information technology (IT)-service providers, and Kurdish websites in the Netherlands have fallen victim to…

Rogue WordPress plugin: Threat hunters uncover credit card skimming campaign targeting e-commerce sites

5 months ago

Rogue WordPress Plugin Found to Steal Credit Card Information in Magecart Campaign Threat hunters have recently uncovered a rogue WordPress…

Albanian Parliament and telco ‘One Albania’ suffer cyber attacks

5 months ago

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania and telecom company One Albania have recently fallen victim to cyber attacks, according…

Carbanak Banking Malware Resurfaces with Updated Tactics in Ransomware Attacks

5 months ago

The banking malware Carbanak has resurfaced with updated tactics, incorporating attack vendors and techniques to diversify its effectiveness, according to…

Theme park giant Parques Reunidos hit by a ransomware cyber attack

1 year ago

One of the world's largest theme park operators, Parques Reunidos has disclosed a cybersecurity incident. Bian Lian ransomware group has…

Phishing kit screenshots your email domain on the fly to appear real

2 years ago

Phishing kit used by multiple hacked sites generates a log in page on the fly that closely resembles the victim's…

Royal Mail online tracking returns — with a frustrating captcha that works half the time

2 years ago

Mysterious week-long outage impacting the Royal Mail tracking website is subsiding, but with caveats. Meanwhile, mitigations employed by the mail…

New convincing phishing campaign targets and customers

2 years ago

New series of convincing phishing emails use's infrastructure to collect credentials.

A spreadsheet hosted on is flagged as malware—but is it?

2 years ago

A 'Product Compliance' Excel spreadsheet hosted on is being mistaken for malware

NS trains halted for hours after IT system ‘failure’

2 years ago

Major Dutch passenger railway operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) suspended trains for hours over IT issues.

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