Phishing kit screenshots your email domain on the fly to appear real

Phishing kit used by multiple hacked sites generates a log in page on the fly that closely resembles the victim's…

2 years ago

New convincing phishing campaign targets and customers

New series of convincing phishing emails use's infrastructure to collect credentials.

2 years ago

Data of 500,000 Betway gambling customers being allegedly sold on hacker forum

A hacker is allegedly selling data of 500,000 Betway UK customers, with 10,000 records leaked at almost no cost. The…

3 years ago

Office 365 phishing page evades detection using Google captcha

A newly discovered Microsoft Office 365 phishing campaign makes the recipient solve Google reCaptchas to both add some legitimacy to…

4 years ago

Can a Windows wallpaper really hijack your Microsoft account password?

This month security researcher¬†bohops¬†demonstrated a credential harvesting trick that uses Windows theme files. Setting a Windows wallpaper location to a…

4 years ago

A malware alert left hundreds of Bank of America customers panicking

Hundreds of Bank of America customers had trouble accessing their bank accounts yesterday due to Avast and AVG antivirus engines…

4 years ago

Operation In(ter)ception targeted European Space and Military Companies via LinkedIn

In a new report published by ESET's researchers, we learn of Operation In(ter)ception which heavily targeted aerospace and military organizations.…

4 years ago

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